Do You Have A Roofing or Building Project We Can Help With?

Roof Repair

The British weather can be unforgiving with the wind and rain causing frequent problems to all types of roofs, often leaving them in need of repair.

It’s important that any problem is dealt with swiftly as a small leak or missing tile can result in damp or rotten joists and timbers.

New or Full Re-Roof

RTF Roofing & Building provide roofing for new builds and extensions as well as a full re-roof for roofs that need changing completely.

Whatever type of house or building you have, our team of highly skilled tradesman use the best quality materials available on all roofing jobs.

Flat Roofs

The traditional flat roof is notorious for its short life span and has a high tendency to leak.

Thankfully with materials and methods improving over time, we provide durability, strength and performance to all flat roof installations and repairs.

Gutters, Soffits & Fascias

It’s not just roof tiles that keep your home weatherproof; Gutters, fascias, soffits and barge boards play a very important role in keeping the roofline intact and your home watertight.

If untreated any problems with the roofline can often lead to greater expense in the future as beams and joists become susceptible to damp.

Chimney Repairs

Many property owners consider the hearth to be the centre of their home. The chimney stack itself is a very crucial part that requires adequate maintenance and occasional repairs.

Chimney build, maintenance and repairs is a highly skilled trade, it requires experienced Tradesmen who require many years experience.  Our team are highly experienced in all areas.

Solar Panel Installation

Installing panels on roof is the most common method, making use of existing roof space. It’s cost effective and provides benefits for performance through ventilation around the back of the panels.

Loft Insulation

We provide various insulation services: wall insulation, loft insulation, rodents proofing, air seal, pipe insulation, cleaning lofts, sanitizing and installing storage space.

If you wish to get the best result from your insulation in terms of climate and home temperature, safety, clean and health – let JAG Roofing do it for you.